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Collaboration is a fundamental concept in terms of developing and driving innovative solutions, and facilitates the wide diffusion and effective promotion of ideas and project results to the public. ACSI collaboration covers the liaison and cooperation with other ICT projects aiming at the exploitation of synergies between the projects and increasing the impact of the ICT initiative.

Planned Organized Activities

  • Summer School - ACSI aims at giving a demo during the yearly Summer School event in 2012. Partners: FUB and Indra.
  • Joint workshop or conference led by Uniroma1, Imperial, and UT will target 2012-2013.

Project Collaboration

EU Collaboration Events
Event Date Location Activities
Internet of Services 2010: Collaboration meeting for FP6 & FP7 projects October 19-20, 2010 Brussels Participation in two working groups: Semantics and Formal methods for SOA and Future Internet
Potential Collaboration with other ICT projects
Project Objective and scope Potential result for ACSI
Hola! Establish and infrastructure for project collaboration and knowledge management (e.g. collaboration portal to host projects and working groups). Utilize this platform for result dissemination in the Digital Library, on-line exposure, and participation in organized collaboration workshops.
Sequioa Develop a sound socio-economic methodology to measure the potential impact of projects. Assess the potential economic impact of the ACSI Hub Framework (part of the exploitation effort in the project).
CHOReOS CHOReOS Establish a framework for the choreography of services in the Future Internet (i.e. non-centralized composition of services). Mutual testbed (e.g. comparison between the two approaches), and common SIGs (e.g. service collaboration platforms).
Cloud4SOA Create and implement an architecture that focuses on resolving semantic interoperability challenges associated with Cloud environments. Explore possibilities to facilitate the Cloud4SOA platform as the basis for integrating into the Cloud market and as another semantic layer which may promote to service interoperation.
ALIVE Develop a multi-layered framework for designing, deploying, and managing service oriented systems. Explore the path of mapping between the artifact-centric "layer" (i.e. artifacts as first-class citizens) and the investigated layered approach.